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2nd October 2018

WOD WOD, October 3, 2018

Balancing act
Big couple of days to kick off the 3.0 journey. Today, we reset like the best -Balancing the body, correcting , reconnecting , talking some smack and finishing with a quick BANG !

I probably sound like a broken record pumping these types of sessions up, but, only due to the value they serve to you and your bodies.

A) Full body foam roll – be productive, tackle the sore spots, take your time and limber up.
B) Straight into the "Necessities"

Bullet proofing – 15 minute cap

In Pairs aiming for 3-4 sets each

6 x Barbell seated Z press – add load by feel
8 x D/B Row row per side – 3 point stance – TEMPO
100m x Single arm farmers carry (50m left / 50m right ) Maintain upright torso!
30 Second hollow hold / Tuck hold

*Movement for Movement for absolute quality

Metcon (Time)
Sprint Finisher – 8 minute cap each wave

30/20 x Cal Ass bike sprint
20 x KB Swings 24/16kg
40 x Dubz
20 x KB Swings
40 x Dubz


Bike : 22/15 cal
KB : Russian / Reduce load

*Waves to leave every 2 minutes !

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