”Now 6 months in and I am injury free and back to being the best version of myself physically and mentally”.

” As a full time working mum, time is not always on my side. I had my own gym set up ready to go but no guidance as to where to start and the only thing I was motivated to do was to hit snooze on that morning alarm. The best thing I ever did was ask Chad to design a fitness program to suit not only my time restraints but also to help with nagging injuries that I had always just trained through not knowing any better.

Now 6 months in and I am injury free and back to being the best version of myself physically and mentally. The best part is the communication from Chad who checks in regularly, not only on the workouts but also sleep and nutrition, to make sure I am getting every benefit possible from the program.

Thank you for the program and your continued  support Chad, no more snooze button for me (ok maybe once on a Monday 😉 ”.

– Rysha Masters

”Chad is meticulous when it comes to planning my training”.

”I approached Chad a few months ago with a specific fitness goal and rough deadline to try and achieve it. Chad put a program in place for me combining both supervised and unsupervised training sessions and I am really happy with the results so far.

Chad is meticulous when it comes to planning my training. I can clearly see how every workout, every movement has a specific purpose directly linked to achieving my goals. Constantly monitoring and tweaking my technique to provide the greatest benefit from all aspects of a workout, Chad seeks feedback “on the fly”.

If a movement is not producing the intended stimulus, he always has a backup plan to get you where you need to be.

I highly recommend Chad’s Individual Design and coaching services for personalised fitness training”.

– Jordan Isles

”I have lost weight and gained a better knowledge of what I’m able to achieve in my life”.

”I can honestly say that since I have been doing PT with you over the last few years, you have given me direction and guidance on achieving my goals.

I have lost weight, gained a better knowledge of what I’m able to achieve in my life. With Covid – 19 I have been able to move on from depression and stress focusing on our session. Meeting you has been a pleasure with so more to come”.

– Angelene Boschetto

”I have been very impressed, the app is great with demo videos for the movements”.

I signed up with Chad (chief) for his individual programming (black ops 👌🏻) hoping to get some structure to my training whilst onsite, some motivation and get lean.

I have been very impressed, the app is great with demo videos for the movements, and the chief is always quick to reply to queries and tailors the programme to the gear available. Plus sending videos he can give pointers to tidy techniques up”.

– Dirk Masters

”All the goals I set out to achieve I have been able to achieve”.

I started my individual design journey with chad as a month trial back in January this year and I haven’t looked back since.

All the goals I set out to achieve I have been able to achieve slowly but surely from weight loss to building strength in my core and other problem areas due to a twin pregnancy.

I love how specific the program is that chad writes for me weekly based on my needs and any pre existing injuries I also had Chads support through my journey so far has been above And beyond always checking in on me weekly and commenting on my progress.

He genuinely cares about the progress I have made and how my workout goes on the daily which means I have someone I feel accountable too and it keeps me pushing for the results I want 6 months working with chad has flown by and I’m forever grateful for how far I have come. Thanks chad!”. 

– Jenn Johnson

”I have never felt and performed better, also losing 7 kgs and the best I’ve ever looked too”

I would say I’m a fairly experienced athlete but still a new-by in the world of Crossfit. The last few years if I’m completely honest, I’ve been tinkering and meddling with my own training without any cemented goals/direction, constantly chopping and changing different training programmes without any real consistency to last longer than 3 months.

Chad’s own educational development into Opex’s Coaching Education: Individualised Design & Programming couldn’t have been better timing for me. To complement his own background over the last 10 years of being a Crossfit competitor and coach, we sat down as both coach/client but more importantly as mates who enjoy this fitness stuff, to discuss and delve deeper into what I wanted to achieve and our expectations going forward.

The “process” included initial consultation & testing, assessing strengths and weaknesses, movement, explanation of the training program/direction, injuries, nutrition and much more. Bearing in mind this was all during Covid, having to be creative with a lack of equipment, gym closure, zero training buddies, but we made/got to work.

It’s been 6 months and time flies, but the hard work has only been realised just recently breaking through a series of back to back personal bests weeks and bucket list movements once thought were hundreds of miles off, literally. There were a few injuries along the way, both old and new (that’s life unfortunately when your constantly pushing and challenging the body), but currently I can say I have never felt and performed better, also losing 7 kgs and the best I’ve ever looked too, even though aesthetics goals were not necessarily our primary focus.

Some accomplishments include: running 3km and 5km PB’s, confidence in kicking up straight into 5m handstand walk, legless rope climbs, strict gymnastics, improving and cleaning up my weightlifting technique and just my overall heightened sense of physical preparedness and awareness in any type of given workout. I know my capability, and it is endless. Chad would say: “that is was all me, and that I had put the hard work in.” and he would be correct, but that doesn’t detract from his hard work which goes on behind the scenes. Programming, listening to my feedback and giving constant coaching and feedback in return.

If you have goals in the functional fitness space and beyond, Chad is your coach. He cares about you being better, without any bullshit and he’ll do it with a joke and laugh. So get after it”.

– Ken Leembruggen

”Working through the ID program has been a huge success and we’re only in week 8 – 16 weeks postpartum!”

White line fever is how I would describe myself in relation to how I take on a workout, previous to my pregnancy and subsequently the birth of Walker, I would push my body to its limit & focus on beating the numbers. This was all totally fine, however following childbirth I discovered not only what my body was capable of and the extremity it goes through so I knew that getting back to the gym was a #1 priority to this new Mumma, but how I went about it needed to be a way of thanking my body for it’s hard work – not punishing it & stressing it out as doing this would result in slowing down my success. 

Working with Chad, who over the past 3 or 4 years has known me as a go hard or go home Courtney, had a huge task on his hands to help me take it slow & steady and not turn into white line fever girl. He has ultimately changed my view on workouts & how I need to go about them whilst listening to my body & it’s capability at its current stage of postpartum.  

I have found a new respect for tempo weights & how successful this is, I have the drive & Chad brings the knowledge to kick the goals we’ve set, the ultimate goal being Wedding dress ready but more importantly caring for the body post baby so we can achieve these goals. We have set the baseline for my bodies recovery & now slowly building the mass – without a doubt the best way to come back to the gym floor postpartum. 

Working through the ID program has been a huge success and we’re only in week 8 – 16 weeks postpartum! Loving watching my body change & evolve towards its previous fitness level and to be honest I am surprised at how fast it’s happened. There is no lack of support in the gym or through communication on the app, can’t rate my experience highly enough. 

Loving the ID journey.

~Courtney Westmoreland~ 

”In only two months I have already seen significant improvement in several movements; strength and endurance have increased significantly, and I have even come to love the assault bike!”

Since I was a kid, exercise has always been a fundamental part of my life. I have tried many different sports, but when it came to spending time at the gym, I would quickly get bored and feel that the workout had no real purpose. 

Working with Chad and Fitness by Design has drastically changed this. Having an individualized program means that each exercise, including the number of reps and the amount of weight used, is tailored specifically for my goals and what my body can do. 

Chad and I sat down and he went through my exercise history, the goals I want to achieve, and how much time I can spend in the gym each week. This is particularly important as a postgraduate in the last months of my candidature, as I no longer spend time fiddling around wondering what to do in the gym, and wasting valuable time.

 Chad adapts the programming according to what I can fit in each week, including how long each workout takes. This means that when I exercise I can switch off, focus on each movement and enjoy myself, knowing that I can put all my trust in Chad’s programming. As anyone with a busy schedule, little spare time, and plenty of stress can appreciate, having one less thing to worry about is massive. And as someone with depression and chronic anxiety, I cannot stress enough the positive effect each workout has on my mood and general outlook on life.  

Each workout now has a purpose; Chad explains why he programs different movements, and how these will help me achieve my goals. I have each workout available through the True Coach app, which has a demo video for each movement and where I can update my results. Through this app I also send videos of my workouts so Chad can send feedback, and I can message him with any questions.

In only two months I have already seen significant improvement in several movements; strength and endurance have increased significantly, and I have even come to love the assault bike! And all of this with just three workouts a week. Each month we have a face-to-face consult to make sure that goals are on track, and to see if any modifications are required. There are also regular re-tests to check baseline improvements over time.

I highly recommend that people give individualized programming with Chad a go. If you feel a little lost at the gym and not sure what to do, or feel stuck in a routine, or just curious about what this is all about, you have nothing to lose by trying it out. I know that thanks to Chad’s passion for fitness and helping people achieve their goals, I will finish the most stressful time of my life as a much healthier and fitter person than I was a few months ago.

– Lucia Clayton

”5 weeks later, I am now doing things and performing movements I thought I could never possibly entertain”.

”5 weeks ago when we sat down to talk about my why’s; hearing myself answer the questions during the consultation and then reflecting on those answers highlighted how little sometimes we think we know about ourselves. OR can often be misguided at times by focussing too much on the obvious’.

5 weeks later, I am now doing things and performing movements I thought I could never possibly entertain. The fitness landscape and language have completely changed and all of the sudden; words such as “range of motion”, “mobility”, “sustainability”, “load vs capacity” have all been added to the well-being vernacular.

This hasn’t just opened windows, it has knocked down walls.

The obvious has become seemingly less obvious and the focus has switched on small, every day, repeatable aspects of my life – this has been enough exploration in itself.

– Meal Habits
– Hydration
– Sleep Behaviour
– Time in the sun

And a few more others which have nothing to do with the actual training aspect has been the small adjustments made, which I hope will lead to an accumulation of much greater outcomes.

It’s still early days in my program and learning that it’s about creating a lifestyle which is sustainable and everlasting is the main goal.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, type scenario.

Thanks Chad, the other auxiliary coaches and the Chamber Community.

Can’t wait to get myself back on track and get on with life – the way it should be lived”.

”Professional, passionate, caring, positive and attention to detail, These are some of the characteristics that spring to mind when reflecting on Chad and his approach to Coaching. The combination of these qualities make him a very rare find for the clients lucky enough to be under his care.

Chad never stops thinking of ways to help his students and is constantly evolving The Chamber in his efforts to do so. As a result, over his 10 + years of being in business – he has produced a unique community that reflects his positivity and relentless pursuit to serve others. This is a rare thing and makes him the leader in his field. I don’t know of anyone else who brings his level of passion and commitment to coaching.

In his new branch of the business – Fitness by design – He meets clients where they are at and guides them down the path to self- improvement with a personalised, thoughtful, detailed and ever evolving plan that benefits all people – from novices to the elite.

He’s the best I’ve ever seen, his positivity is infectious and he makes you feel good to be involved.

Remarkable when you think of all the people he has helped and his impact cannot be overstated…..

And he does it all with no ego and a smile on his face. Legend”.

– John Percival

”I’ve had no more back pain or tightness for around 5 weeks after doing Individual Design with Chad for the past 4 months”.

Jodi came to us with the number one goal of restoring confidence in her body to once again move freely inside and outside the gym and to get over the mental hurdles that a long term injury can sometimes create. Jodi has done a hell of a job for the past 4 months and is well on her way to experiencing full physical freedom once again, love your work Jodes!

‘’I’ve had no more back pain or tightness for around 5 weeks after doing Individual Design with Chad for the past 4 months.  I first obtained the injury around 18 months ago. I had never had back issues prior and never empathised with back pain sufferers, I now understand that a back injury is a tricky and arduous one.  In attempts to recover from my injury over the past 18 months, prior to ID, I scaled back training and my sessions were at body weight or low weight, even scrapping it completely in favour of yoga and reformer pilates.  This only had the effect of tightening my back.  Chiro, physio, massage, scans and still no answers.  Finally, I opted to do nothing for 6 weeks.  On completion of this I still suffered tightness in the lower back, especially on waking in the morning, and realised I was at a complete loss with how to manage or rehab from the injury and the constant pain/tightness was impacting my lifestyle and mental health’’. 

‘’After exploring other training styles for around 8 months and trying to self-manage my injury, I reached out to Chad regarding ID and we sat down to discuss a new training regime.  To develop this, Chad asked about the goals I was wanting to achieve.  Looking back at the conversation now, I realise how afraid I’d become to train.  My goals at that point were simply to train 3 days a week with no pain.    This was achieved in the first four weeks, still some tightness but no restrictive pain.  Another day was added and once again, after 4 weeks there was consistency in my training without the uncomfortable limitations previously experienced.  

I now train 5 days a week, with a challenging level of load and intensity and with full confidence in my body with no tightness in my back whatsoever.  After dealing with the injury for so long, and the drain this was on my lifestyle and mental health I had given up on thinking rehabilitation was even possible, resigned to having an injury needing management for life.  The ID program has exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend it.  Thank you Chad!.’’

– Jodi Ouwendyk

”Connor was able to work closely with my physio and tailored a program that not only allowed me to continue training but also suited my specific rehabilitation requirements”.

“Looking for something a little more personalised to help me reach my goals and improve my weaknesses, I signed up to the ID program with Connor as my coach.  Unfortunately, four weeks in I sustained a knee injury at work that resulted in surgery. Quite disheartened by the setback and my concern about the possibility of a long recovery Connor was able to work closely with my physio and tailored a program that not only allowed me to continue training but also suited my specific rehabilitation requirements.  

 Although this has been a frustrating couple of months Connor’s professionalism and passion for fitness has been a constant source of motivation for me.

 I highly recommend Connor and the team at Chamber Fitness with helping you achieve your fitness goals.” – Dean Lilly

“Connor is an amazing coach. He always makes sure to program what works for me, and checks in to make sure it’s not only working but I’m also enjoying the process”.

“I’ve progressed more on his program in 3 months than I had in the previous 3 years. With ID, my training supports my lifestyle now rather than the other way around” – Steph Wraight

“I was first introduced to the Chamber in 2018, when I took part in the Fitter, Faster, Stronger – 8 week Challenge. It was definitely the kick start I needed to regain my motivation and confidence in the gym. I continued to train hard in the daily WODs, relishing the variety of training, the comradery with fellow members and the ongoing support from the instructors. Unfortunately due to repeat injuries sustained playing outside sports, I began to find more and more that I had to modify the daily WODs in order to manage workouts around my niggling injuries. I became extremely frustrated and it led to me ceasing training for an extended period.

With encouragement from Chad, the switch across to a fully Individually Designed Programme, under his expert guidance has been nothing short of life changing. Chad was able to design progressive workouts to both manage & rehabilitate my injuries, whilst also ensuring that I achieved my desired results. 

I know it has been a challenge for both Chad & myself, as my desire to continue to play sport, along with my competitive nature, has seen me sustain repeat injuries on the field. However, each injury has simply led to a tweak in the programme & a reset on priorities to ensure that I can continue to train hard and work towards my goals, whilst remaining cognisant of the injury and aiding in my recovery. The regular ID consults with Chad ensure that I maintain focus and set achievable goals, as well as keeping me accountable & on track. The support from Chad, either during workouts or in his post-workout messages, is always encouraging and provides the personal touch that the Chamber reputation is built on.

I thoroughly enjoy training in the ID section of the gym. I love the support & encouragement we give each other as ID clients, but also still feel the comradery from other Chamber members whilst training alongside them during the daily WODs. I am excited to regularly be hitting new PB’s through my ID programme, continually feeling stronger as each block builds. I’m thankful to Chad for his support & guidance and look forward to working with him to achieve my next ID goals – Dan Richmond

I have been doing ID with Connor for about 4 Months now and the positive Impact it’s had is incredible.

When Connor approached me about doing ID I was stuck in a bit of a rut. Whilst I was loving the Classes and the Community I had some Injuries and lacked some Skills and it was really holding me back from where I wanted to go.

 I decided I would give the ID a go and it has been the most amazing Journey. Not only is it truly Individualized when working toward my goals,  developing skills, lifestyle, abilities and Injuries, but also for my mindset and mental blockades.

I have learned so much from Connor and he has been amazing in working around Injuries and other issues. His level of care and knowledge amazes me constantly .I feel like I am seen and truly supported as an Individual.

Since I started ID my progress has been massive. But most importantly I have learned to really enjoy the Journey.

Connor has challenged and pushed when necessary, which is really important, the community factor is still there, which is also awesome.

Overall I would highly recommend Chamber ID to anyone! – Mira Oehlers

“I was introduced to Chad & The Chamber by my son Daniel. He had spoken so highly of his experiences at the gym and recommended that I consult with Chad for my own Individually Designed training programme. After being diagnosed with Dementia late in 2019, I had continually struggled to find a trainer capable & willing to work with me specifically on exercises that would not only improve my physical capabilities, but to design a programme that would also engage my mental capacity. 

Chad took my challenge head on and immediately welcomed me into the Chamber family. I absolutely loved my time at the gym and would always look forward to my next session with great anticipation & excitement. Chad made me feel so comfortable. I always enjoyed the banter, our regular chats about life and especially about footy & family. The training aspect was so good, that I really began to feel confident both in myself and in my physical abilities once more. 

Unfortunately due to Covid and being unable to return from interstate, the programme was put on hold for an extended period. Immediately upon our return, I was back to training, and once again thriving under the supervision of Chad. Such is this cruel disease, that my time in Perth was extremely short and I have since had to return East. My ability to train has now severely decreased with the rapid onset of the Alzheimer’s disease, however I absolutely loved my time working with Chad and recall fondly the feeling of being a part of the Chamber. I am so grateful of the time & effort that he put into our sessions and really feel that each workout helped in part, to prolong my physical & mental deterioration. I appreciate my time at the Chamber, Chad’s continued encouragement and the effort he went to with my uniquely Individual Design Programme. Like Dan, I simply could not recommend Chad or the Chamber highly enough. Thank you mate!” – Phil Richmond

I always felt like a fish out of water in the fitness world, the seemingly never ending modalities, styles, and exercises that I could never quite understand and structure into a lifestyle to suit me. I knew I needed guidance, and in my pursuit, the Individual Design Program at The Chamber greatly peaked my interest. I was never motivated about gaining muscle or losing weight, I wanted to learn, to gain knowledge and experience what I could put into action in the future. 

It wasn’t without its road humps though, Covid took me out for weeks, overseas holiday and not to mention the multiple injuries I came into the program with. All of this Chad helped me work around, constantly going back and forth and adjusting my program to strengthen my injuries and rehab any problems. 

I had weeks where my desire to train diminished but always having Chad’s support, the program always ready for me to jump back into helped tremendously. The program itself provided me the perfect balance of support, guidance and motivation whilst still requiring commitment and effort from myself. 

Chad, I admire your commitment to my wellbeing, my achievement and success, along with simply being relatable and understanding my goals. I always felt you pushed me from where I was, and not where a trainer may want me to be and for that I truly thank you.  I am stronger, fitter, and have more knowledge, but more importantly I am simply happier. 

Looking forward to any training and work we may put in, in the future. – Kale Wood

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