Owner, Individual Design Coach, CrossFit Coach

Fitness has always played the biggest role in my life. When your primary school teachers have to bribe you each day to complete your school work to be able to hire out the cricket set at lunch time, you know where your passions lay. Health, fitness and lifestyle was always the one for me.

After a 4 Year stint of working offshore on the oil rigs, The Chamber became a reality in the humble surroundings of a vic park garage in 2009, the journey to now began and we truly haven’t looked back since.



CrossFit Coach, Member Relations

After competing in fitness/sports model competitions and spending years training and working in a globo gym, coach jenn was bored out of her brain with the same old routine and was looking for a change.

A good friend of Jenns managed to coax her to go in for a free trial class at the chamber and from that day on (over 10 years ago) she hasn’t looked back.
Within a few months, jenn had completed her level 1 crossfit certificate and was ready to not only participate in crossfit but also to be a coach.



CrossFit Coach

The introduction of Crossfit was the catalyst in providing Coach Tali with a deeper understanding of the mobility and motor control required to move well, which assisted with his own injury rehabilitation.

A childhood sports nut, Coach Tali had a particular love of basketball. Sadly, a series of unfortunate and untimely injuries put a stop to any dream of pursuing this further. Coach Tali realized that he could still achieve all of his personal fitness goals thanks to CrossFit exercises and regular CrossFit workouts, which then eventually led Coach Tali to The Crossfit Chamber in 2012.



CrossFit Coach

I have had a crack at many sports and gym programs in my life, but since walking into the Chamber in 2011 I’ve never looked back. I have been lucky enough to not only find a second home and second family in the gym, but fulfill many roles from behind the scenes, to personal training, kids coaching and now coaching adult classes. My favourite part of coaching is seeing when members get that moment where a movement or skill “clicks. Being able to help people move well, build confidence, and smash their own perceptions of what they can do each week is rewarding and humbling. The chats, banter, support, and social events round out a pretty incredible role.



Individual Design Coach, CrossFit Coach

Since being a child fitness has always been a part of my life. That flowed on throughout my adult years playing football, which is we’re I met Chad and then started training at Chamber fitness. The chamber complemented everything I did in life and felt more like a family than the gym.

Fast forward 4 years I decided to dip my feet into the world of triathlon completing a half and a full iron man.  I loved the feeling of achievement and pushing myself to see what I was truly capable of, however post ironman I was left thinking what’s next?



CrossFit Coach

While working in an office most of the day I love being active, being outside and being social.

I joined a Crossfit gym with a friend in 2013. The sport grew on me instantaneously. Doing my first open in 2015, the community feeling of competing was amazing. I decided to spend more time in the gym to be part of the community and to assist the coaches wherever I was needed.

During my internship after university, I had to travel all over the country for work. This exposed me to different Crossfit gyms, programming and coaching techniques as I trained under numerous different coaches. 

When we started training at Chamber, I knew that it was a gym that I wanted to be a part of. The community spirit and detail that goes into the programming of everyday workouts is something that I haven’t experienced anywhere else.

By being a coach at the Chamber I can live out my passion of teaching members with the enthusiasm that I feel for the sport. Seeing people progress at new skills and encouraging them to live healthy lifestyles is very satisfying.