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16th November 2019

WOD WOD, November 17, 2019

Sustainable Sunday
Boy o Boy she has been a big week, particularly on the ol legs…. let’s get the rig back into tip-top shape ready for the week ahead…..

Today, much like last Sunday, we will be looking at some pacing work which will have just enough spice, but, won’t send you over the edge.

Good Vibes / Good Feelz… Sunday morning done right

A) Gym flow
B) Mock run through of workout: 1 x full round @ back off pace
Metcon (Calories)
In teams of 3, 3 rounds of the following, leaving every 3 minutes ( 27 minutes total )

P1 :
400m Run – not sprint

90 Seconds Assault bike @ sustain

*Last week we hit 45 second efforts, this week we double the work time and reduce the rest period, back it off. If you held 75RPM last week, look to hold 65-70RPM this week – No sprinting / drop offs

75m Dual KB FR Carry, into 75m Dual KB Farmers Carry

*Each station has a 2 minute cap to ensure a 1 minute rest between stations is achieved

*Reduce Distances / loads to stay under 2 minute cap

Core / Stability
3 Sets

15 Second side plank L
15 Second side plank R
30 Second Push Up support
30 Second Rest

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