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20th March 2019

WOD WOD, March 21, 2019

Strength Day
I want 25 total reps today – build to a heavy 5 and DONT miss any going for glory.

Missed reps = Missed gains , check the ego at the door

Deadlift Prep 101
Deadlift (Weight)
Every 4MOM x 5 Sets

5 x Deadlifts @ Build to a heavy set of 5 Reps
*Start at 40 % 1 RM and build accordingly
*I want the 5th set to be the max load today

Super set

20 Second x High Ring support ( MU if Possible )
Sub : Low Ring Support

*If you want to get muscle ups, you need to build your hold / positioning endurance!

Strength Accessories

In Pairs 3 x Monster sets each

8 x DB Single arm rows per side
30 Second Front rack KB march
16 x Banded Tricep Push Down
30 Second Hollow or Tuck Hollow

Round for Round not Movement for Movement

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