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11th March 2019

WOD WOD, March 12, 2019

Strength Day
Today we go all in… 5RM is as tough and taxing as they get. Plan your lifts and send it it hard!

Extended Squat Prep
Front Squat (Weight)
Every 4MOM x 5 Sets :

5 x Front Squats @ Build to a heavy set of 5 Reps

*Start at 40 % 1 RM and build accordingly

Super set

5 x Seated Box Jumps – high output / land tall

*Squat Tempo : 2-X-1-1
*I want the 5th set to be the max load today

Stirct Pull Up 3RM – Weighted (Max reps)
Finisher Play time – weighted Pull ups

Every 2.00 x 6 sets :

Weighted Pull up x 3 reps

Record max load

*2 weeks ago we did volume this week we max out


Banded chest 2 bar x 3 OR Ring row x 8

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