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9th June 2018

WOD WOD, June 10, 2018

Sunday Runday
The weather has made it impossible to roll the old legs over outdoors… so…. we must throw a the legs over indoors in the funnest way possible…. Crossfit Footballs version of "The beep test "

One of the most effective 20 minute run / change of direction sessions you ever did do …

A) Hip Flow sequence
B) Gym length run prep run throughs – HR UPPPPP
Death by 10m (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
EMOM untill failure: 1 x 10m Shuttle

*Add 1 shuttle every minute until unable to achieve required shuttles within the minute

Minute 1: 1 x 10m Shuttle ( 1 length )
Minute 2: 2 x 10m Shuttles ( 2 lengths)
Minute 3: 3 x 10m Shuttles ( 3 lengths )

So on and so forth

*Record last fully completed round plus any meters gained in final minute

Core / Stability
Coach Tali’s extreme core special……

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