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2nd December 2018

WOD WOD, December 3, 2018

Monday Funday
No doubt that a huge portion of you are feeling a little or a lot of the post Murph muscle soreness. Today’s session allows us to get some solid work in with ought overusing or beating up any more of whats already been beat.

The work periods are short and intense with rest periods much longer then you are used to so dont hold back when its your time to shine.

Yup, its gonna sting , but, your body will thank you for it as the week progresses.

Get around the tune up..

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
In Teams of 3 : AMRAP in 28

Row : 500/400m
Run : 400m
Bike : 25/18 x cal
Burpee Box Jump : 10 Reps @ 24/20"


Player 1 rows, Player 2 Rows, Player 3 Rows –

Player 1 Runs, Player 2 Runs, Player 3 Runs –

Player 1 Bikes, Player 2 Bikes, Player 3 Bikes –

Player 1 BBJ, Player 2 BBJ, Player 3 BBJ –

1 Round is complete, head back to the rower for round 2….


Row : 400/300
Run : 300
Bike : 20/ 13 cal – Sub 90 seconds
BBJ : Step ups

*If your efforts are becoming slow and labored there is no harm in pegging back the distances – keep it sprint like and flowing between players 🙂

*If you end up in a PAIR , add in an imaginary players rest – you will need it !

Walk 400m
Stretch / Bands / Rollers / Lacorss balls – use the time wisely

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