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28th August 2018

WOD WOD, August 29, 2018

Dem Grunt Work Feels

Metcon (Calories)
Sustained effort conditioning

In Teams of 3 for 21 minutes ( 7 sets each )

55 Second Assault bike ( stick to same RPM for entirety )

*After each effort :

30m Deadball Bear hug Carry ( 15/15m ) 55/35kg

RX PLUS : 65/45kg

Record team names / calories

*GOAL : We are working on pacing in today’s session crew . Find a pace, stick to it. No falling off a cliff today. Enjoy the feels of sustainability

Post WOD SKILL Play : Handstand work

10 Minute OPEN cap : Get upside down

HS hold
HS walk
Wall Kick Ups
Wall Walk
180 degree inverted box circles

Enjoy it, have some fun , be a kid

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