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2nd April 2019

My First CrossFit Open, by Coach Chris


My thoughts on my first Crossfit Open at The Crossfit Chamber.

Let’s throw it all the way back to 19.1, those wall balls and rowing.

The gym floor was lined with rowers and wall balls. People came in with smiles excited to start their open campaign. The energy was high. A simple wod brief, squat and throw a wall ball 19 times, row 19 calories, repeat, repeat, repeat.
Although it was a somewhat tame start to the open, that didn’t change the fact everyone sticking around cheering and supporting each other through all the heats.

Shout out to Kenny for winning the spirit of the open for week 1 with his never-ending support and professionalism.

Bring on 19.2 and a heavy barbell!

Plate organisation was the key for the set-up crew Friday night, numbers were flying around everywhere and the set up changed and changed again but, we got it sorted and the gym was ready for a huge day.
There was a buzz in the air as people entered the gym knowing what was coming up. The day was off to a flyer too as Shannon and Quinny went back and forth, rep for rep for the heavy cleans right until the end.
So many highlights of the day and so many people pushing past their own expectation by continually hitting the cleans in a very fatiguing wod.

Shout out to Em Palmer for winning the spirit of the open for week 2, an unsung hero that although didn’t do the workout, she did her own workout…. Changing plates all day.

19.3, did somebody say the scale is still strict HSPU’s?!

This was a little curveball from Castro, taking away the usual open HSPU standard and replacing it with strict strength.
The standards were tough, people were nervous but did that stop anybody from giving it their all? No chance.
I think it’s fair to say that some people were so wrapped up in the strict HSPU’s that they forgot how hard the first 2 parts of the workout would be. Overhead lunges and a mountain of step ups provided the quad fatigue and midline strain to make those HSPU’s just that much harder.

I for one was a little sceptical of the scaled standard still being strict, although, after seeing everybody absolutely crush it, it was the perfect option. It really challenged people to overcome the fear of being upside down and so many of us got our first HSPU’s out because of it! Congratulations to everyone that did.

Shout out to Kev for winning the spirit of the open for week 3 for his never quit attitude.

Barbells, burpees and bar muscle ups for 19.4

Here we go, what’s a Crossfit Open without burpees? They had to come.
This was 2 workouts in 1, double the fun! The goal… go hard in the first one, try get a bar muscle up in the second. That’s exactly what everyone did. Barbell skills were once again on show with power snatches while burpees were done in plenty.
Everybody gave it their all and crushed it. Special mention to Maddie Kerse who managed some muscle ups after getting her first one while warming up! Also to Jay for putting on a muscle up masterclass.

Shout out to Jordy for winning the spirit of the open for week 4, not only got banging out muscle ups after just doing her first the day before, but the constant support to everyone, positive attitude and, while not many people noticed, she cleaned the gym after it was covered in chalk! Legend.

19.5 is… Fran +++

It’s the one we were all expecting… not quite like this though. What’s one way to make Fran harder you ask? How about doing 60 thrusters and chest to bars before even starting it.
With the long time cap it really forced people to dig deep. The Open in known for finishing with a bang and this one certainly didn’t disappoint. The support from the cheer squad was critical today in order to battle through the constant quad pain.

“Pick up the bar”, probably the most used phrase of the day as we built up the strength to do just another 5 more thrusters.

Shout out to Richo for winning spirit of the open for week 5, Richo was unable to do the workout on Saturday but of course that wouldn’t stop him from coming to help judge and cheer everybody on all day.

So, as we wrap up the 5-week rollercoaster that is the Crossfit Open, what did I notice you ask.
Well, pretty simply one word comes to mind. Community.

I’ve never seen such a strong sense of community as what I have seen as the Chamber. It truly is like one big family. It didn’t matter what the wod was, what heat people were in, how hot it was or who was judging who, everybody came down, supported each other, cheered, laughed, high fived, fist bumped (for those with torn hands), had a beer or 2 afterwards and smiled.

Chad has certainly created something very special inside the walls of the chamber, but more importantly, each one of you has made his idea come true. You’re all a bunch of legends and I for one am extremely happy to be a part of it.

And here’s a little snippet of 19.5 at the Chamber too!

Coach Chris x