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17th June 2024

BLOG 5 : Run Club Recovery.

With the incredible surge in the popularity of run clubs of late, Perth locals, including the Chamber crew, are pounding the pavement like never before and clocking up some serious kms in the process. While we love to see it, the odds of breaking down due to sharp increases in volume combined with lacking recovery strategies are a foregone conclusion, meaning all the hard work comes to a grinding halt, and the Steve Moneghetti dream is all but over… devastating!

Thankfully, I’m here to keep your long-distance dreams alive, so read up below to learn exactly what to do to best recover from your run club shenanigans and give yourself a fighting chance to go toe to toe with Kipchoge 😉

1. Blood Flow, the ultimate healer

Whatever you do, don’t stop moving ,just remember to move smartly. Instead of punishing yourself with heavy loads and high intensity, choose low-impact, low-intensity movements that boost blood circulation and aid in recovery. Consider incorporating 30-40 minutes of brisk walking or a session on a bike like the Concept 2 BikeErg to kick start the process of alleviating soreness and propelling your recovery forward. 

2. Stretching/Mobilizing

The repetitive force accumulated through every stride during your long runs can leave your lower body feeling like rusty gears. Restoring range in areas that take the biggest beating such as ankles, quads, hamstrings, hips, and lower back will start to free you up and give you confidence to get back on the track sooner rather than later. Opting for a yoga session or an extended ROMWOD session fits the bill nicely. For me personally, a blend of static stretching and loaded end-range stretches as seen in the Instagram reel allows me to bounce back the fastest.

3. Nutrition

After knocking out a casual Sunday half marathon, your body is depleted in nutrients and is craving replenishment. The next 12-24 hours are vital if you want to rebound like a gazelle and be back on the track in a matter of days. Prioritizing nutrient-dense food (quality carbs and protein especially) will be key to your success. Neglect this, and no amount of stretching will help your cause! 

PS: Carbs are not the enemy; they are your best friend when it comes to endurance efforts for fuel and for recovery. Don’t be scared, homie.

4. Hydration

Alongside nutrition, rehydrating is crucial. Think of how much you sweat over the course of a 60-90 minute effort… you finish that bad boy primed for a wet t-shirt contest, a dead giveaway you need to replenish all lost fluids. Drink plenty of water and consider ramping the rehydration process up with an electrolyte supplement that also contains magnesium and salt to restore what you lost during the run. Ignore this, and you can bet your bottom dollar your performance mentally and physically for days to come will be shot. My personal preference is Dr. Hydrate.

5. Cold Plunge

This one is more of a luxury if available but has delivered great success for me when it comes to speeding up recovery and reducing muscle soreness. 3-5 minutes at 6 degrees has been the sweet spot. If this isn’t your jam, opt for a sauna, or just get more sleep!

So, whether training for an upcoming event or simply enjoying another lengthy Sunday stroll, remember to double down on your post-run club recovery, and you’ll be running on clouds for years to come! See you on the footpath soon, legends!