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2nd March 2020

WOD WOD, March 3, 2020

Stronghuman Tuesday
An ol favorite from Francisco street… First time running this beautiful thang on Newlyne st.

a) 2-3 Sets
5 x Sumo stance inchrowm walkouts
10 x Alt spiderman lunges
10 x Banded lateral glute walks

b) Demo of each movement / split up groups

Sled Push (Weight)
20m max load prowler push

12 Minutes to achieve a heavy, continuous 20m sled push

*Sled must NOT stop moving
*Include sled weight ( 35kg )
*3-4 per sled sharing
*4-5 Attempts only

20m Farmers Carry (Weight)
20mm Max Load FC

12 Minutes to achieve a heavy, continuous carry

*Carry MUST be unbroken
*Include handle weight in total
*3 per set of handles sharing
*4-5 attempts only

Handles ( set ):
Small Black 30kg
Orange 50kg
Big Black 70kg

Front Rack lunge – Walking (Weight)
12m Walking Front rack lunge

12 minute to achieve a heavy, continuous FRWL

*4-5 attempts only
*Quality and rhythm over load

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