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15th January 2020

WOD WOD, January 16, 2020

Turk Alert
Its been a minute… the Turkish get-up is BACK

A) 5 rounds in pairs
30sec row
30sec inchworm walkouts w/ push up

B) TGU tech

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
TGU – skill session / body priming

10 Minute AMRAP for quality

Alt sides turkish get ups

*Weight : Start light, move well, we will be progressing load / time frame over weeks
* Record load and total reps for reference not for competition

Metcon (Calories)
Mixed Interval Goodness
With a partner

(you do a set, I do a set)

4 Rounds (each)
1 set on rower or bike

1 set is:
45sec on/15sec off
30sec on/30sec off
15sec on/45sec off

*For max cals

Core / Stability
Post WOD Midline

30sec on/30sec off x4
Gymnastic bridge

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