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18th January 2024

Fill Up Your Cup

At Chamber Fitness, we believe in the power of personal stories to inspire and connect our community. It’s always a joy to see our members grow and transform, not just in their physical fitness but in their overall well-being. That’s why we are stoked to share a heartfelt piece written by one of our own members, Chris Earl.

His journey is a testament to the spirit of our gym – a place where individuals come to challenge themselves, ‘fill their cup’, rediscover their passion for fitness and community. It’s more than just workouts and achieving fitness goals; it’s about building a supportive environment where everyone, from beginners to seasoned athletes, can thrive.

Chris Earl’s story embodies what we stand for at Chamber Fitness – fostering a space where each member can “fill up their cup” both physically and mentally. This narrative goes beyond fitness; it’s about personal growth, community connection, and embracing the journey.

Now, let’s dive into Chris’s inspiring experience at Chamber Fitness, and see how it might resonate with your own fitness journey. 

Earl’s Testimonial:

“FILL UP YOUR CUP | Over the past couple of years I’ve struggled to fill the void that stepping away from competitive club sport left. For a long time sport has played a big part of shaping who I am and for a while I’ve been lost without it.

This year, I decided to bite the bullet and try out CrossFit with the team at Chamber, Fitness by Design. Since that first day I nervously walked into the garage, I haven’t looked back. There’s nothing like the humble feeling of starting as a beginner again, learning something you’ve never done and attempting to master it. I’m still very much a work in progress and already have ambitious goals, however each time I step into the gym, all I aim to be is slightly better than I was the time before and that keeps me coming back.

Three lessons I’ve learnt in my short journey so far:

Consistency | Just showing up is the most important step, you’ll never make improvements if you don’t just get stuck in. Why start tomorrow what you could do today?

Prioritise | Every week, the first thing I put into my calendar is my workouts. I’ve learnt that I’m at my best physically and mentally when my cup is full and I’m ready to tackle whatever challenge is in front of me. Work out what does this for you and make it your priority!

Connection | Sport for me was always about the comradery of competing with mates towards a common goal. There’s no better feeling that that end of workout fist pump from someone who has been in the pain cave right beside you as we individually tackle our goals together!

A massive shout-out to all the Chamber coaches and family who have made every session the highlight of my day! You all know who you are! Here’s to chasing 2024 goals together”.

Written by Chris Earl