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12th April 2024

BLOG 3 : “Unilateral Unleashed” – The Top 5 Reasons to Embrace Single Leg Strength Training

Have you hit a wall in your strength training? Perhaps you’re looking to add some variety to your traditional Lower Body Strength Days ( Squats / Deadlifts )? Maybe your body just isn’t agreeing with heavy loads and you’re experiencing pain or discomfort from certain movements?

Well , I hear you loud and clear team, so read below as we dissect my top 5 reasons why everyone should be including Single leg strength work in their training routines, regardless of goals.

Reduced Overall Load/Stress on the body:

Everyone has a capacity when it comes to tolerating load. If you are battling regular niggles, pain and or sore and achy joints post-heavy squat or deadlift sessions (this was me for a decent period of time), subbing out for a single leg loading variation for a period of time will allow your body and joints to have a breather, recoup, rebound and help  get you back to feeling strong and enjoying strength training for the long haul.


This one is very much goal-dependent. If the goal is to lift trucks, or to compete in Crossfit or Olympic lifting, you’re gonna have to go heavy and have regular exposure to heavy bilateral loading.

Let’s face it though, most of us aren’t here to lift heavy weights for a living. If your goals are more aligned around looking good and improving  lifestyle and performance beyond the gym scope (i.e., walking, running, and kicking the footy with your kids in the backyard or for your local amateur team), without feeling sore or restricted,  subbing out the traditional lower body strength day movement such as back squats for a lunge or split squat pattern may be the best option for you for now.

Targeted Correction of Muscle Imbalances:

We all  have imbalances between our left and right sides, whether due to past injuries, poor form, or simply favoring one side over the other throughout life. Single leg training  allows us to address these imbalances head-on by focusing on each leg independently. By bringing our weaker side up to speed, we can improve our overall performance, reduce the risk of injury and increase stability and structural balance simultaneously.

Aesthetics / The Juicy Pump

Who doesn’t love the feeling of a solid Rump Pump? ( not the kind you are thinking of ) Single Leg Strength training gives us the unmatched ability to  isolate and develop specific muscles and to progressively overload and manipulate patterns. If you’re looking to grow that peach, a solid dose of single leg work will bring all of your big booty dreams to life.

Endless variety and challenge

We all enjoy variety in our training. And let’s be honest, the same old squat session can wear pretty thin after a while if that’s all you are doing for your strength training.  Single leg training opens up a whole new world of possibilities, with countless variations and progressions to keep things fun and challenging. 

As you can see, a supplementary or extensive dose of single-sided loading will never go astray in boosting performance and ability in and out of the gym and will keep the body robust and resilient for years to come. 

So, if any of this resonates with you, throw one leg in front of the other, have a play and let the single leg goodness work its magic.

Listen to Chad explain in full, below!