At the Chamber we run kids and teens classes, catering for 4 year all the way through to teens (18), in fact some of our now adult members started in the kids program. It might look like organised chaos at times, especially our little kids classes, but rest assured there’s method to the madness!

Each kids or teens class is specifically programmed for the age group, and develops speed, agility, coordination, balance, mobility and strength. Kids and teens classes can look very different, but the fundamental approach remains the same, a strong focus on technique and fun.

With our smaller kids we use a lot of games to get them moving and exploring, as well as teaching fundamental movements like squatting, picking things up and hanging. We aren’t doing complex Olympic lifts, or burying them under heavy weights, but we do load them through the use of jumping, and their own bodyweight. Most importantly we have a lot of fun, with favourite activities including stacks on the coach (probably their favourite thing next to using heaps of chalk), and the shark game.

Our teens classes look a lot more like traditional CrossFit that you and I are used to, with a strong focus on technique, the fundamental lifts, conditioning and mobility. Many of our teens play other sports, so we aim to complement their training and choose movements and workouts to help them in their other activities.

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