We welcome anyone to come down and visit The CrossFit Chamber. Come and experience first hand the fun, the variation and the successes of CrossFit, both in fitness and community. Our classes are scaled to suit all abilities, you are never alone. Our tailored workouts enable you to get optimal results and achieve all types of personal goals. Are you ready for change?

Free trial sessions are absolutely obligation free, friends welcome for free too! Sessions are held throughout the week most days, simply select a preferred time in the form.

Lock In contracts are contraband at The Chamber – so donʼt expect to see one. Simply fill out the form and we will call you to confirm your Free Trial asap. See you soon!

Nothing changes if nothing changes, are you in?

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"The best thing I ever did was ask Chad to design a fitness program to suit not only my time restraints but also to help with nagging injuries that I had always just trained through not knowing any better. Now 6 months in and I am injury free and back to being the best version of myself physically and mentally" Rysha
"Chad is meticulous when it comes to planning my training. I can clearly see how every workout, every movement has a specific purpose directly linked to achieving my goals. If a movement is not producing the intended stimulus, he always has a backup plan to get you where you need to be." Jordan
"I can honestly say that since I have been doing PT with Chad over the last few years, you have given me direction and guidance on achieving my goals. I have lost weight, gained a better knowledge of what I’m able to achieve in my life." Angelene
"What an amazing week of training, can’t get enough of this place. Workouts are spot everyday with the results to show. Great atmosphere and group of people to train with." Matt