Chamber new coach application

Our ever growing Crossfit Chamber community is seeking a highly motivated, clever and innovative ASSISTANT COACH to join the team.

We run a purpose and values driven business and are looking for the right high performing team member to join. Someone who is passionate about coaching individuals, empowering them to fulfil their potential both in training AND just as importantly, in life.

We are looking for someone who wants to help innovate and to make a bigger impact on the health and fitness industry.

As part of the team, you will have an amazing opportunity to become a part of a very unique and community focused culture of people. You will learn the art of coaching, working hands on with an experienced team of coaches, increasing your own self-leadership skills, contributing to the wellbeing of others and will be provided with continual opportunities of education, to self develop.

You MUST have previous experience to fit into this role.

The successful applicant will:
›› Be aligned with the business purpose , culture and our 10 core values
›› Already live the business values in their daily lives
›› Thrive working autonomously
›› Be driven by results and focused on outcomes
›› Be willing to be held accountable for the responsibilities of their roles
›› Be willing to continue to learn and develop their skills
›› Have a high attention to detail & high accuracy level
›› Have excellent communication skills

The core responsibilities & outcomes for this role include:
›› Assisting the head coach
›› Movement demonstration and verbal quing
›› Movement assessment
›› Keeping clients accountable and have a high focus on retention through genuine connection and contribution
›› Participate in social media forums

Requirements for the job:
›› Minimum 2 years Crossfit experience
›› Crossfit Level 1 plus prior experience leading and managing teams
›› Crossfit specialty certifications ie Olympic weightlifting, Gymnastics preferred
›› Cert IV in fitness
››  Personality: must be passionate about CrossFit and have superior interpersonal and motivational skills and ability to manage clients, Group classes, and 1 on 1 sessions.

Our business rewards our team members based on the value they provide. Therefore growth and specific educational development opportunities will be possible and we highly encourage this.

If you think this role is for you, please send an email to [email protected] email with YOUR MOST CURRENT RESUME AND COVER LETTER with the headline of “Crossfit Chamber Coach” letting me know how you think you can make a positive impact on our community.